What do successful logos have in common?

Designing a logo is a very fun (and sometimes frustrating) process. But when the designer gets it just right and the client says “that’s the one!” the end result is very rewarding.

Design in and of itself is a very subjective concept. Everyone has a different idea of what ‘good design’ is and that’s what makes it so interesting and appealing. Something that looks beautiful to one person can look completely unappealing to another. As interesting as this is from a creative perspective, it poses a challenge from a business standpoint.

A business owner naturally wants to create a brand that is going to be attractive to largest possible number of people within the selected target segment. Your company logo may not be the most critical item to determine success, but as far as first impressions go it is pretty much your biggest weapon. A beautiful, eye-catching logo will draw immediate attention and will allow you a window of opportunity in which you can try to convey your message to the prospects. In a world where people increasingly have shorter attention spans, this is a great opportunity to stand out of the crowd.

But if it’s such a subjective concept, what is considered a successful logo?

I recently ran into a study at SmartSign that sought to answer this very question by analyzing different aspects of more than 2,000 company logos from Inc. 5000’s List of America’s Fastest Growing Companies.

It may not be perfect data due to subjectivity and human perception because colours and vague shapes can often be misinterpreted from person to person. But the study actually does a pretty good job in identifying patterns and attributes that are common to all these logos. If you are starting a new business and looking to have a new logo designed but can’t decide what kind of design you want, this infographic might be just for you! When in doubt, it never hurts to rely on data.

Logo attributes common to successful companies