how to write content for your website

How to write content for your website

A question I receive a lot when I first start working with a new client is “what kind of content should I have on my website?”.

While the answer to this question varies depending on the type of business, industry and target audience, I do think there are some general guidelines that can be helpful and serve as a starting point.

Website Content Outline

Business offering (1 line)

  • In one short sentence describe what you are offering: what problem are you solving with your product / service? This is the hook on the home page and the first thing a potential client will see


  • What problems does your business exist to solve?
  • What are your principles? What does your business stand for?
  • Who is the person / people behind the business? Don’t be afraid to show some personality.
  • What designations or experience do you have to back up your product / service offering? (aka why should a potential client buy from you?)

Products / Services

  • Overview of your offerings
  • Individual descriptions of each product or service you offer (may include pricing)


  • How should people get in touch with you? For a contact form, what information do you need from potential clients?


I think that this outline is a good way to get started and I often find that when you start writing your answers to these questions you will get into a flow that will give you more focus and tweak your content as you go.